OpSyria: Hand-crafted phishing to chase Syrian activists

How the lamest ever phishing tool can kill Syrians. Reflets has been continuously warning that several major western manufacturers were selling – directly or not – monitoring equipment to dictatorial regimes. This includes the French
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5 thoughts on “OpSyria: Hand-crafted phishing to chase Syrian activists”

  1. I agree, many activists were arrested because of phishing, although the Mukhabrat way of phishing is very obvious and ridiculous. They use attractive, remarkable and very exaggerated titles for their phishing links, i.e: « A picture of Maher Assad died ». So you need to be very naive to fall for this trap. Now most activists use facebook web apps to get red of this trap such as « Hootsuite ».

    1. Le domaine a été bloqué et je pense qu’il y a du virtualhost derrière, donc je ne pense pas qu’il soit possible d’y accéder même si tu contrôles les DNS.

      De toute façon ce n’est visiblement pas le gouvernement syrien qui contrôlait ces sites.

      Ensuite, d’une part les Syriens peuvent utiliser d’autres DNS, d’autre part s’ils utilisent Tor, un VPN ou un darknet quelconque, ils peuvent utiliser des DNS internes échappant au contrôle gouvernemental.

  2. Thanks a lot KheOps for flooding their database so they can’t find any useful credentials ^_^

    After all, those thugs are all over the internet, we are trying to find them and report them to #opsyria.

    Also, it is a good idea to teach people these simple things like « look carefully at the URL » because it can save their lives. It’s a matter of life and death, not just a privacy.

    Viva la Revolution! Viva #opsyria! ^_^

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