BlueCoat’s Presence in Syria Finally Uncovered

As the reader probably knows, there has been a release of 54GB of BlueCoat logfiles a few weeks ago, finally leading to several mainstream medias mentioning the case, including BBC, the Washington Post and the
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9 thoughts on “BlueCoat’s Presence in Syria Finally Uncovered”

  1. Hello ,
    I’m not Syrian but I live in Syria(for now at least) . I confirm all of the above , additionally , I have noticed this earlier just about a month ago :I was trying to learn php and I was setting up apache and when I tried to put my server online I got into huge complications because I had two IPs ,my real IP was shadowed behind the bluecoat device’s IP and all the websites kept telling me contradictory info, usually wrong info ,that my IP is (82.137.200.X) …
    when I finally figured it out I did a test with php , I registered a free website and echoed the $_SERVER array vars and I clearly got similar info to what’s mentioned above( using http headers this time) :
    Key=HTTP_X_BLUECOAT_VIA, Value=6274654F51E68D19
    Key=REMOTE_ADDR, Value=
    Key=HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, Value=31.9.xx.xx
    when using tor network (I’m doing right now ), the HTTP_X_BLUECOAT_VIA and the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR disappear and the REMOTE_ADDR is the tor exit node address .
    regard .

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