, french leading hack-journalism media, receives death threats

Last week, two  of Reflets’ sources, who have no relationship with one another(with no link between them ), have kindly passed on conversations they had heard: if Reflets continues its investigation regarding  Deep Packet Inspection technologies, Syria, or Libya, the team and Telecomix agents, « will get killed ». Sic.

Reflets had immediately contacted its lawyer,Olivier Iteanu, and filed a handrail.

Since February 2011, we are trying to raise public attention on sales of Deep Paket Inspection technologies to harsh dictatorships. We all, journalists and DPI key actors, know that DPI is used in thoses countries to identify and track political opposition and its networks, especialy when it comes to selling « nation wide » surveillance system.

Selling such technology under these circumstances is unacceptable. France is not up to its reputation when it helps selling Bull-Amesys surveillance technologies to Guadaffi. France’s position is today extremely awkward, acting like a liberator in a country knowing that it was doing precisely the opposite, a few months ago, when it was helping colonel Guaddafi track his opponents.

By its very nature, Reflets is at the forefront when it comes to investigating surveillance technologies. In fact, Reflets’ authors are IT experts and journalists. You might have read in our pages, before anywhere else, that western companies, especially French ones, were selling Deep Packet Inspection technologies to dictatorships.

However, we are not the only one offended by these practices. The Wall Street Journal published an overwhelming article on Bull-Amesys less than a month ago. The Canard Enchaîné already published three or four articles on this topic. In its October 12th 2011 edition, they revealed that the French Military Intelligence (DRM) was instrumental to setting up a surveillance center in Tripoli. On October 15th, France 2’s evening news edition also raised the issue in a rather negative way for Bull-Amesys and the french Governement.



Those who threatened Reflets’ authors may have to kill a massive amount of journalist, if they want to stop the press from writing about this topic. They could also consider stopping the sale of these technoloogies to dictatorship all at once. There are other markets for these technologies.

One of the founding members of Reflets is also an occasional journalist for the Canard Enchaîné. We could easily stop publishing about this topic on Reflets, and water the Canard with informations…

Finally, bribery is an option, it will only cost you $10 millions and 10 monster trucks (prices did when up since this).

Until the monster trucks are delivered, we’ll simply keep a backup copy of our files related to Amesys, BlueCoat and their colleagues at the premises of the notorious Canard Enchaîné.

A kind of warranty…


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