#OpSyria: When the Internet does not let citizens down

We wrote a lot about Syria’s Internet monitoring and censorship. We saw how the authorities, with the (possibly indirect) support of the BlueCoat manufacturer, spied on a vast majority of their population in order to
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14 thoughts on “#OpSyria: When the Internet does not let citizens down”

  1. Because of people like KheOps, Ju, tomate, woodenpaw, Punkbob, lcd, TheDoctor, Zeroconf, truck and all of the others, I’m safe and many people in Syria are, and the world can hear my voice. This is a great team on a high degree of humanity and responsibility. I know you face hard times like we do, you share our the smiles and the tears. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I always believe in humanity, and you are a great and beautiful example of it.

    #opsyria is a windows for many to come and share things, we are one family. All of the members support us emotionally and technically.

    And for you KheOps, thank you for this perfect article, I know it took a lot of effort. It gives a real inside look about opsyria.

    We will be free soon, and you will come to visit me in the new Syria, the free Syria. I’m waiting for that day :)


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