Insight into Syria: Part 1/3: Security Forces Organization

A Syrian citizen, now living in the European Union but still having strong contacts with his homeland through friends and relatives, answered to a set of questions about the country’s situation. This person’s identity is
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4 thoughts on “Insight into Syria: Part 1/3: Security Forces Organization”

  1. Not true using someone from the opposition who is in exile to give you information about the military is silly. 1st biggest mistake is Alawites don’t rule Syria like its being claimed Sunni make up the largest part of the Ba’ath party remember the Ba’ath party and Assad believe in Arab nationalism regardless of religion.
    Most of the top member of the Syrian rulers are Sunni and most of the army are Sunni claiming there are 70% ALawite military is dumb and if every male of 18 is required to do military service that mans the Sunni group who make up the majority will form the bulk of the army

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