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Une pépite du New York Times : Death, Through a Nurse's Eyes

Voici le reportage qui devrait tourner en boucle sur toutes les chaînes de télévision, sur tous les réseaux sociaux et sur les écrans de tous les décideurs politiques (une fois par semaine pour éviter l'effet poisson rouge).

Le reportage
Le reportage

Publié sur le New York Times, ce reportage de Alexander Stockton et Lucy King est présenté comme "Un court métrage offrant une perspective de première main sur la brutalité de la pandémie au sein d'une unité de soins intensifs Covid-19". Regardez-le bien, du début jusqu'à la fin.

Il se termine sur ces mots :

"I’d never before seen someone die. And even though I didn’t know these people, witnessing their deaths left me sleepless, exhausted, and depressed. It’s unfathomable to me that these nurses have gone through that every single week, sometimes every single day for an entire year. I assumed the nurses must block out all the deaths to be able to keep going, but they don’t. They grieve every single one. “I’ve always loved being a nurse. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. And these last couple months, it’s definitely made me question my career choice.” And what makes their situation so tragic is that many of these nurses hide their trauma, leaving them feeling isolated and alone. “We’re the only ones that know what we’re going through. I don’t really want to tell my family about everything because I don’t want them to feel the same emotions that I feel. I don’t want them to know that I carry that burden when it— that it is a lot. I’m Mom. I’m strong. I can do anything. And I don’t want them to see that.” Leadership in the pandemic hasn’t come from elected officials or spiritual guides but from a group that is underpaid, overworked and considered secondary, even in their own workplaces. As so many others have dropped the ball, nurses have worked tirelessly out of the spotlight to save lives, often showing more concern for their patients than for themselves. I worry their trauma will persist long after we re-emerge from hibernation".

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